Invitation to Write for ILLUMINATION on YouTube Publication

Welcome to Illumination on YouTube — A video introduction

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An Invitation YouTubers to Join Medium

Dear Writers, Bloggers, and YouTubers,

I created a new publication to bring YouTubers and Medium writers to one place to collaborate and create synergy. I am excited about this initiative.

Here is a transcript of my video posted to the Illumination YouTube channel.

After being a member of Medium, I have a new mission. Dr Mehmet Yildiz, chief editor of Illumination Integrated Publications on Medium, inspired me to create a publication on Medium to introduce YouTubers to Medium and give them a voice on Medium. I want to be a bridge between YouTube and Medium.

YouTube has millions of viewers. And Medium has thousands of readers. I heard there are over a million members on Medium. It can be ideal for new YouTubers to tap into this large audience and connect with them as potential subscribers.

And Medium members to leverage the power of YouTube. My publication can serve as a catalyst in this unique collaboration.

YouTube is a passion to me. So is blogging. Therefore, I created a publication called Illumination on YouTube.

The primary purpose of this channel is to bring all YouTubers in one place and allow them to collaborate to grow mutually. I aim to connect blogging and video production for creators.

As an editor of the publication, I will review and publish your stories and promote contributors’ profiles on YouTube. Dr Yildiz and his editorial team will also help me in this process.

I believe YouTubers can afford to become Medium members. It is affordable as the membership fee is only $5 per month, the equivalent of one bottle of RedBull in Australia, where I live.

When you become a member, you have the option to read thousands of articles, connect with thousands of readers, and earn money from your stories when you gain 100 followers. I haven’t seen a better platform for writers so far.

Let me quickly introduce my background. I am relatively new on Medium. I became a member as invited by Dr Mehmet Yildiz. He mentors me to become a writer and blogger.

Per the advice of my lecturers in the film school, I offered my support to help the Illumination YouTube channel practice my media skills and add value to the writers of Illumination Integrated Publications on Medium.

I introduced a few writers and editors to the Illumination YouTube channel. Their valuable feedback meant a lot to me.

It is incredible to see so many inspiring writers on this platform. I am happy to become be part of this global community and contribute to it to the best of my ability. Membership allows me now to read a limitless number of stories.

I look forward to exploring the stories of many top writers. My goal is to engage meaningfully with other writers and improve my writing and blogging skills while contributing to the community with my media skills.

Creating a new publication on Medium motivated me to give better service to this community and extend it to YouTube.

In addition to long stories, my new publications allow writing short-form stories with fewer than 150 words.

For example, you can write one paragraph introducing your YouTube video and create a link to your channel. While you earn income from your story on Medium, you can also gain viewing times for your videos and acquire new subscribers for your channel. It is a win-win for YouTubers and bloggers.

To create visibility, I invite all YouTubers to create writer profiles introducing their background and channels and submit them to my publication. You can also submit collections, including a series of videos from your channels or your favorite channels. I will find ways to feature them on Medium and my social circles.

In short, you can use my publication to inspire your viewers and readers. As I am very new to Medium, and this is my first publication, I’d be delighted to obtain your feedback to make this publication useful for writers and valuable for readers and viewers.

All writers who write articles about YouTube are welcome to join. And all YouTubers who want to introduce their channels and write stories about YouTube are most welcome.

Let’s create synergy by collaborating and using the power of these two large and synergistic platforms.

I added the weblink to apply as a writer to my publication. It will be part of the Illumination Integrated Publications and will be supported by some of their editors. I am grateful that Dr Yildiz will support this publication to become successful like Illumination.

Thank you for watching this video, and please feel free to comment. By subscribing to our channel, you can be notified of the informative videos we post here.

Stay safe and have a good one.

Join Medium with my referral link – Illumination YouTube Coordinator
As a Medium member, a portion of your membership fee goes to writers you read, and you get full access to every story…

I’m Thrilled to Become a Medium Member Today.
It is an exciting day for me to start a new journey in this global

Here is the invitation to all writers by ILLUMINATION

Invitation to “ILLUMINATION on YouTube” Publication on Medium
An introduction to a new publication as part of Illumination Integrated Publications. All Medium writers and YouTubers…

Here is invitation to our channel by Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Invitation to ILLUMINATION YouTube Channel
Writers need

Many thanks to ILLUMINATION-Curator for introducing this publication to our experienced authors.

Illumination-Curated on YouTube
Video introduction to Illumination Integrated Publications and invitation to join the media

I am editor of two publications on Medium.

One is for YouTubers and another one for gamers.

If you are interested in these topics, I look forward to hosting your stories and promoting them.

Here are the invitations providing the scope of publications and details to join.

1 — Invitation to Write for ILLUMINATION on YouTube Publication

Invitation to Write for ILLUMINATION on YouTube Publication
Welcome to Illumination on YouTube — A video

2 — Invitation: Join ILLUMINATION Gaming Publication as a Writer

Invitation: Join ILLUMINATION Gaming Publication as a Writer
Your gaming stories have a new home on Medium

Writer applications can be sent via this weblink.

Here is a collection including my videos introducing our top writers.

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I enjoy collaborating with writers and introducing them on YouTube. You might check this link to my collection: Meet Top Writers on YouTube. It includes introducing prolific writers of Illumination Integrated Publications on Medium in YouTube videos.


I post informative articles in my field covering gaming, film-making, media, and design. You can subscribe my account to get notification when I post on Medium. I also support Illumination Integrated Publications as an editor.

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