A Brief Introduction to Illumination Integrated Publications and their purposes

We have seven publications. I give a brief description.


Our most significant publication is ILLUMINATION. It is visited by over 50,000 unique members daily and gained two million minutes of reading this month. In addition, some stories went viral and brought many new readers. As a generic publication, we accept every ethical topic meeting Medium’s guidelines. Link to publication: https://medium.com/illumination


This publication was designed for the requirements of prolific writers who need to submit multiple stories in a day. You can submit several stories to ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR within 24 hours. Please check this article for details: Balancing Load of ILLUMINATION. Link to publication: https://medium.com/illuminations-mirror


This unique publication was designed for experienced and accomplished writers. Senior editors select the contributors for this publication using stringent criteria. If you are an experienced writer, we allow you to write for this publication upon your request directly. Please find details in this article. You can check some sample stories from this publication in this recent collection. Link to publication: https://medium.com/illumination-curated

4 — Technology Hits

This specialized publication was designed for writers and readers interested in technical topics, digital entrepreneurship, digital transformation, information technology, artificial intelligence, IoT (the Internet of Things), Cloud computing, quantum computing, tech news, digital economy, blockchain, bitcoin, Nun-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and futuristic topics related to emerging technologies. You can submit science fiction in this pub. More info about Technology Hits Value Propositions of Technology Hits. Introduction to Technology Hits. Inviting Storytellers From All Aspects of Technology. Here is a collection including some sample stories from this publication. Link to publication: https://medium.com/technology-hits


This specialized publication is a specialized publication that serves freelance writers who want to share writing, blogging, and editing content. It connects writers, editors, and bloggers through their stories. We invite freelance writers from other platforms such as Vocal Media. Here is the purpose of Synergy. Besides, you may find a sample collection to get an idea of the type of stories we publish on Synergy: Engaging Stories on SYNERGY. Here is a collection of sample stories hosted on SYNERGY. Link to publication: https://medium.com/technical-excellence

6 — ILLUMINATION Book Chapters

This specialized publication was designed for published and indie authors. We help new writers to get published and become authors. Details about this publication are in this story: ILLUMINATION Book Chapters: A publication giving voice to published authors on Medium. The following articles provide additional information about ILLUMINATION Book Chapters: How Can Published Authors Create Visibility. Here is a sample editorial bulletin to promote ILLUMINATION Book Chapters to readers: ILLUMINATION Book Chapters: Editorial Bulletin #9 New resources. And here is the Index of Published Book Chapters. You can find some sample book chapters in this collection. Link to publication: https://medium.com/illumination-book-chapters

7 — Readers Hope

This generic was designed for absolute beginners. You may submit raw content to this new pub. We don’t edit content submitted to Readers Hope. But, our editors provide valuable and helpful guidance via private notes or in our Slack workspace to members. Here is a story introducing the purpose of Readers Hope: What If We can Transform Readers into Micro-Writers. Editors introduced the values of Readers Hope. We compiled their perspectives into a single story. Our editors are willing to support new writers to gain experience. Please check their stories. You may contact editors on Slack when you need support. They can help you learn and grow. Here is the Vision and Mission of “Readers Hope”. Link to publication: https://medium.com/readers-digests


This specialized publication is our newest one. It is owned by Illumination YouTube Coordinator. The purpose of this pub is to create a bridge between YouTubers and Medium writers using our YouTube channel and seven prominent publications. Many YouTubers are also bloggers, and we believe that Medium is an excellent platform for them to tap into a new audience. Besides regular stories, you can also submit short-form stories. You can write a few short paragraphs introducing your YouTube videos and creating links to your channels. While writers can earn income from stories on Medium, they can also gain new subscribers to YouTube channels. Link to publication: https://medium.com/illumination-on-youtube

Here is a YouTube video introducing the purpose of this publication by Illumination YouTube Coordinator posted recently.


Other Publications

In addition, our chief editor keeps all publications-related stories in a separate publication called Illumination’s Blog. This publication can be helpful for new writers to find guiding articles.

Link to publication: https://medium.com/illumination-blog

Dr Mehmet Yildiz hosts his personal stories in his publication called Euphoria. If you enjoy health and fitness type of stories, you may check his personal publication.

Link to publication: https://medium.com/sensible-biohacking-transhumanism

Publications by Our Writers

Several writers also have their own publications. We listed them in an article to create visibility. You may consider submitting your relevant stories to these niche publications.

Why Writers Need Personal Publications
Invitation to introduce your own publication to the audience of Illumination Integrated Publicationsmedium.com

You can watch the summary of our publications on YouTube posted by Illumination YouTube Coordinator.


What is the Illumination YouTube channel?

YouTube is an excellent tool, so we created a channel to help our writers. In 2022, we created a new initiative to help our writers to create bios on YouTube, and Illumination YouTube Coordinator helps writers by creating promotional videos for them. We provided details in the attached article.

How Writers Can Use YouTube Creatively and Productively: A video invitation to writers of Illumination Integrated Publications to create introductory videos

You can also join our new publication ILLUMINATION on YouTube and share your videos in regular or short-form stories.

Here are the recent introductions to videos we created for our writers.

Meet Karen Madej on YouTube

Meet Dr Preeti Singh on YouTube

Meet Shashi Sastry on YouTube

Meet Julius L. Evans on YouTube

Meet Dr Michael Heng on YouTube

If you are interested in creating similar videos, you can contact Illumination YouTube Coordinator on our Slack workspace so that he can add you to our waiting list. He creates a few videos in a week voluntarily.

You can find more details in the master onboarding pack on Medium.

About Me

I write articles in my field covering gaming, film-making, social media, and design. I am also a YouTuber. Thank you for subscribing to my account to get notifications when I post on Medium.

I also created a new website to share my content for free and promote stories of writers contributing to my publications on Medium. Let’s connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I own two publications on Medium. One for video gamers and another for YouTubers and Podcasters. I also support Illumination Integrated Publications as a volunteer editor and participate in collaborative activities in the Slack Workspace. Writer applications for my publications can be sent via this weblink. Please add your Medium ID.

If you are new to Medium, you may join via my referral link. You may also consider being a Vocal+ member to monetize your content. I write for both platforms and repurpose my content to reach a larger audience. Here is more information about Vocal Media.

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This post includes my Medium and Vocal Media referral links.

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