An Invitation to a Webinar by Ayodeji Awosika on 11 January 2023

Ayodeji will explain how to make money writing with in 30 Days or Less.

Image courtesy of Ayodeji Awosika

Our top writer Ayodeji Awosika volunteered to present a free webinar to contributors of our publications on Medium. All Medium writers are invited to this session.

The presentation’s theme is “How to Make Hundreds or Thousands on Medium (Even If You’re Only Making Pennies Now).”

On Wednesday, January 11th, at 12 PM EST, Ayodeji will be hosting a free training called explaining “How to Make Money Writing With in 30 Days or Less.”

If you want to make it happen, this session can guide you.

Most new writers join Medium with excitement, only to make little to no money down the road. Opportunities for writers are endless, but only a small group of writers really earn substantial money.

Even though thousands of writers have remarkable writing skills, they have difficulty finding a desirable number of readers. We believe there are many more factors for storytelling than just having great writing skills.

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll learn, as promised by Ayodeji when we asked him to create an education session for our new writers.

1 — How to Avoid the Rookie Mistakes That Keep You Stuck and Broke

“There are a few common mistakes new writers make that keep them from earning big bucks on Medium. Ayo will show you how to quickly correct them and start earning what you deserve.”

2 — The Secrets to Becoming a Top Writer

“Ayo will teach you the methods he and top students have used to make thousands of dollars just from writing single articles.”

3 — The Biggest Myths About Medium

“New writers have a ton of myths about how the platform works. Ayo will show you how Medium really works, based on seven years of experience.”

4 — How to Become a Prolific Writer and Defeat Writer’s Block For Good

He assures that “Ayo’s system will make it damn near impossible to get stuck. If you follow his methods, you will publish articles with viral potential.”

The best way of earning income on Medium or other platforms is to write and publish viral stories, as our chief editor informs us.

Recently our chief editor Dr Mehmet Yildiz interviewed Ayodeji Awosika.

You can learn more about his background, his struggles, and his outstanding achievements as a writer and influencer.

An Interview with Ayodeji Awosika
Ayodeji is an educator, digital marketer, and inspiring top writer, followed by 94K readers on Medium, and actively…

You can find more info from Illumination’s correspondence on this invitation.

An Invitation to a Webinar by Ayodeji Awosika on 11 January 2023

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