$1000 Prize: A New Writing Contest for Fiction Writers on Vocal

Behind the Last Window: Write a dystopian fiction story about the last window to the outside world closing on December 30th at 11:59 PM ET.

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I shared my first impression of Vocal in a story titled I Finally Joined Vocal+ and Reaped Immediate Benefits.

This post is another piece of exciting news for fiction writers on Medium, Vocal Media, and other platforms. I am not a fiction writer, but I enjoy reading novels and short stories as a part of my recreational reading almost every weekend.

About the New Challenge for Fiction Writers

Image screenshot by the author from Vocal Media Site

In this story, I want to introduce a new challenge offered by Vocal Media.

It is called Behind the Last Window.

This writing contest is for fiction writers.

You need to write a dystopian fiction story about the last window to the outside world that starts with this first sentence:

“The outside world was unknown to her, but she could see a glimpse of it through the window in his room.”

Using this prompt is essential to qualify for the contest. In addition, your story needs to be between 600 and 5000 words. Nt more, no less, I guess.

The grand prize is $1,000. The second place is $250. And ten runners-up will get $25. So as a total of 12 people will get a chance to win this contest, and their stories might reach out to a new audience. I wish I could write fiction. I will try it one day.

You must be older than 13 years. Only writers from countries supporting Stripe will qualify to earn money from the contest. You can still join the competition for fun but cannot get the prize.

I enjoy writing challenges on Medium. It was one of my reasons for joining Vocal Media. Writing challenges inspire me as a writer and reader. I read the stories of the winners and loved them very much. Therefore, as a writer, reader, and editor, I want to create awareness of Vocal Media contests.

I started writing on Vocal Media and enjoy the platform very much. If you are new to Vocal, you can join with my referral link. It will not cost you extra similar to Medium membership. As a writer, you can monetize your content. Vocal Media also pays generous bonuses to writers.

Back to this exciting challenge! You now have 13 days to write a fiction piece to increase your chance of earning money. Time passes quickly. So you need to submit your draft by December 30th, at 11:59 PM ET.

Let’s connect on various platforms and engage meaningfully. I noticed that writers could share their Vocal story links on Illumination’s Slack workspace. The name of the channel is #vocal-writers-and-stories. I check that channel frequently to find Vocal stories and meet new writers.

I recently wrote my 10th post and received a $10 bonus. In addition, a kind person sent me a $5 tip. I am grateful. which nicely surprised me. Besides, Vocal Media also gave me a $10 bonus for joining the Vocal+ program, paying an annual fee. More importantly, they gave me a 10% discount for paying annually. It is a great incentive for beginners.

I wish you good luck in this contest and future ones. If you win, please let us know so that we celebrate together on Vocal and Medium. I hope you join Vocal and reap the benefits.

If you are new to Vocal Media and would like to join as a member, you might use my referral. It will not cost you extra similar to Medium membership.

You can read this story on Vocal Media.

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