Invitation: Join ILLUMINATION Gaming Publication as a Writer

Your gaming stories have a new home on Medium now

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Gaming on Medium

Purpose of the Story

Dear Writers,

I am pleased to announce that we have a new publication called ILLUMINATION Gaming.

As a community volunteer for Illumination Integrated Publications, supporting 16,000 writers, I established this publication to create a collaborative atmosphere on Medium, aiming to bring online gamers and game writers to one place.

Supported by the robust infrastructure established by Dr Mehmet Yildiz (chief editor of Illumination Integrated Publications), this publication and its facilities are open to all Medium writers.

With this ready infrastructure, including Slack workspace and multiple social media platforms, we can easily scale this new publication.

If you are interested in sharing your stories on ILLUMINATION Gaming, you can send a request to join the publication via this weblink link.

Several editors volunteered to help me publish and promote stories in this initiative.

This new publication accepts stories about every aspect of gaming, including both real-life and online games.

You can follow our publication by clicking on the attached link.

We publish stories about real life and online games including playing, designing, and

20 Ideas for Gaming Stories for Publication

1 — Personal stories about gaming experiences

2 — Posts about current and upcoming games, including announcements made by developers

3 — Articles about gaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, app stores/ launchers like Steam and Epic Games

4 — Articles sharing tips to grow your gaming channel and improve your gaming and streaming setup

5 — Articles sharing tips and tricks regarding the quality of life features on different platforms to make content creation easier

6 — Posts about how NFTs are being brought into the gaming world

7 — Posts about virtual reality and augmented reality gaming

8 — Articles about upcoming technology that could potentially reshape how we play games

9 — Posts about new consoles and different gaming platforms

10 — Articles containing new and innovative controller types and input methods.

11 — Articles introducing different apps and programs that allow gamers to form a community and interact with each other outside the game, e.g., platforms such as discord

12 — Articles related to scientific aspects of gaming and computer games

13 — Health and well-being issues related to gaming and games

14 — Articles related to architecture, design, development, and implementation of online games

15 — Gaming codes and scripts by developers

16 — Creating a community of practices for game projects

17— Posts including interviews with gamers

18 — Gaming videos or podcasts attached to short-form stories

19 — Gaming photos from events and gaming industry

20 — Invitation to gaming events

Collaboration Among Gamers and Game Writers

As I have played games for most of my life, this publication is of great interest to me to meet game enthusiasts, collaborate with them, and enhance our networks.

Here are my sample stories about my gaming experience.

Sample Gaming Stories I published on Medium

My Top Five Most Nostalgic Games
If it weren’t for these games I played as a kid, I wouldn’t be playing the modern masterpieces I am playing

How Mobile Gaming Has Evolved

Here’s How Minecraft Evolved Over the Years

Beginners Guide to Gaming Gear and Peripherals

Let’s Talk About Game Launchers and Storefronts

High on Life: The Upcoming Game Set in the Rick & Morty Universe

Five Exciting New Games Releasing This Year

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

The All-New PlayStation Plus Is Finally Here

Overwatch 2 Is Almost Here

What Computer Games Mean to Me and Why I Play Them

Do You Want to Learn How Slot Machines Work?

Let’s Talk About Idiosyncrasies of Teabagging in Gaming

Tribute to Technoblade (aka Alex) RIP

Recent Stories on Other Topics

Why Elon Musk Sold His Bitcoin Shares Out of Blue

Covid Virus Finally Infected Me Despite Intense Cautions.

Why Everyone Unfollowed Me Today

The Follower Bug Manifests in Different Shapes and Forms

Gamification is of great interest to me.

I learned a lot about gamification and its importance in improving the qualities of our lives from a top writer Victoria Ichizli-Bartels who published numerous stories on Illumination recommended to me by Dr. Yildiz.

As I am a YouTuber and media consultant, I plan to share our interesting stories on YouTube and introduce contributing writers as I do other writers of Illumination Publications.

You may check the links to some of my introductory videos on this story.

Meet Top Writers on YouTube
Introduction to prolific writers of Illumination Integrated Publications on Medium in YouTube

Publishing Guidelines

Writers must follow Medium rules and guidelines of Illumination Integrated Publications as documented in the attached onboarding pack.

Master Copy: Onboarding Information for New Writers
Welcome and information pack for new contributors of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on


I believe this publication will bring gaming writers to one place.

We can collaborate, have fun, and learn from experiences of each other.

As I also own Illumination on YouTube publication, I believe that these two publications can be synergistic.

Invitation to Write for ILLUMINATION on YouTube Publication
Welcome to Illumination on YouTube — A video

Thank you for reading my story and joining our publications. I look forward to reading and promoting your gaming stories.

Please send a request to join the publication via this weblink pointing your interest in Illumination Gaming publication in your note.

You can contact me on Illumination’s Slack Workspace and Twitter. If you don’t have access to Slack, you may request to join it via this weblink.

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