You Can Earn $1000 by Writing Only 3 Lines

This sounds insane, but it is real via the new Vocal Media writing challenges.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

This post is a piece of exciting news for poets on Medium and Vocal Media. I love poetry and read a few every day. But I haven’t created one for public view yet. One day, I might gain the confidence to join the poetry community.

Vocal Media has amazed me since I joined it last month. It is an exciting and supportive platform for writers offering constant challenges.

I wrote about previous challenges in a post titled Introducing Two Vocal Writing Contests. I also shared my first impression of Vocal in a story titled I Finally Joined Vocal+ and Reaped Immediate Benefits.

Due to my limited time, I couldn’t participate, but a few of my friends did. I wish them good luck in winning. Please inform me if you are one of the winners so that we can celebrate it together.

In this story, I want to introduce a new challenge offered by Vocal Media.

It is called the Blue Haiku challenge.

Image from Vocal Media site

This writing content is for poets. Particularly for those who can write haikus. I never wrote a haiku and only discovered it when I joined Medium. In the publications I support, I saw three lines of poems that attracted my attention, and I couldn’t make sense of them initially.

Later I found out that they were cleverly penned pieces by talented poets. So then I got hooked on them and read every haiku submitted to Illumination. I hope one day I will be able to write such interesting pieces.

You can check details of this contest from my story on Medium.

You Can Earn $1000 by Writing Only 3 Lines

If you are new to Vocal Media and would like to join as a member, you might use my referral. It will not cost you extra similar to Medium membership.

I just recently wrote my 10th post and got paid $10. I also received a $5 tip which nicely surprised me. In addition, Vocal also gave me a $10 bonus for joining Vocal+, paying an annual fee. More importantly, they gave me a 10% discount for paying annually.

Here is a list of my recent stories in case you might find something interesting from my collection. Please feel free to share your vocal account as a comment to this story, so I can follow you and promote your stories on my socials.

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On Medium, I recently posted my first curated collection for writers contributing to Illumination Gaming Publication. I hope you find some valuable pieces in this collection. I appreciate your support of these writers.

10 Inspiring Stories Published on Illumination Gaming Publication Recently
First curated collection for readers interested in gaming

I also provided an update on my writing in October as I joined a writing challenge. If you are a writer, I encourage you to join writing challenges to produce more. Here’s the story with details if you are interested in the effects of writing challenges.

I Completed a Monthly Writing Challenge in October.
Quick updates on my stories, videos, and publications in

I Attempt to Solve a Problem of the New Writers with a Bit of Humor on YouTube and TikTok.

Here is my new website.

Welcome to ILLUMINATION Gaming Publication
Thank you for visiting my new website. My name is Aiden. I am a writer, blogger, and YouTuber. I created a publication…

If you enjoy my posts, please consider following my profile since I plan to post about exciting gaming-related news and talk about technology, design, and social media in my stories.

If you are new to Medium, you can join by using my referral link. Promise, it won’t cost you extra. You can read my modest posts and the many beautiful stories of every other writer on this platform.

Join Medium with my referral link — Aiden (Illumination Gaming)
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