A Warm Invitation to Join Illumination Gaming Publication on Medium

A YouTube presentation for prospective writers and readers.


Image by author — screen capture from Illumination YouTube Channel

Dear Writers, Readers, and Gamers

Gaming, design, technology, and social media are passion for me.

Sorry I couldn’t post any video our YouTube channel for a while as I was struggling with Covid virus. Thankfully, I got rid of it and feeling much better now. It was an awful experience.

So, today, I created a short video on YouTube introducing my new publication called ILLUMINATION Gaming.

I invite all writers to join us and readers to follow my new publication. I have great ideas and excellent support to grow this publication.

I hope this video reach out to many writers and readers who are interested in games and gaming. I look forward to hosting your gaming stories and promoting them.

My goal is to support writers and give pleasant and valuable reading experience to gaming readers on Medium.

Here is the link to the video.


I look forward to your feedback and participation in this exciting initiative. My goal is to bring gaming writers and readers to one place on Medium.

For those who don’t have access to YouTube, I copy the transcript of the video to this post.

Transcript of the Video

Today I’d like to briefly introduce a new initiative I developed for writers and readers on Medium. As a gaming writer, I established a new publication called ILLUMINATION Gaming.

I added my publication to the Illumination Integrated Publications, as they have an established group of writers with over 15,500 and thousands of readers.

I also support Illumination and Synergy as an editor. The community also has a Slack Workspace that I aim to use for gamers. This workspace is free for members and monitored by moderators of the publications. My goal is to create a collaborative atmosphere for gamers.

I am also grateful that several editors volunteered to help me publish and promote stories in this initiative. Let me give you some ideas for Gaming Stories that you can post to this publication

Personal stories about gaming experiences

Posts about current and upcoming games, including announcements made by developers

Articles about gaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, app stores/ launchers like Steam and Epic Games

Articles sharing tips to grow your gaming channel and improve your gaming and streaming setup

Articles sharing tips and tricks regarding the quality of life features on different platforms to make content creation easier

Posts about how NFTs are being brought into the gaming world, including virtual reality or augmented reality gaming

Stories about upcoming technology offerings that could potentially reshape how we play games

You can post about new consoles and different gaming platforms or new and innovative controller types and input methods.

You might introduce different apps and programs that allow gamers to form a community and interact with each other outside the game, for example, platforms such as discord

You can even write about scientific aspects of gaming and computer games and include

Health and well-being issues related to gaming.

I’d love to see stories related to architecture, design, development, and implementation of online games, including gaming codes and scripts by developers.

I desire to create a community of practices for game projects. So you can post interviews with gamers, including gaming videos or podcasts attached to short-form stories.

You can also add gaming photos from events and the gaming industry and include invitations to gaming events

So as you can see, the gaming topic is massive, and you can write about every aspect of them. It will be an educative and engaging platform for gaming writers and readers. I’d love to see read your stories soon.

If you are interested in sharing your stories on ILLUMINATION Gaming, you can send a writer request to join the publication via a weblink link that I attach in the description section of this video

I look forward to reading and promoting your stories in Illumination Gaming publication on Medium.

Thank you for watching. Have a good one.

End of Transcript

Thank you for reading my stories and watching my videos. I wish you a prosperous life.

About My Content and Editorial Duties on Medium

I write about gaming and social media topics. In addition, I am the owner and editor of two publications on Medium. One is for YouTubers, and another one is for gamers.

Some YouTubers are also gamers, so they are welcome to join both publications. If you are interested in these topics, I look forward to hosting your stories and promoting them.

You might check the invitations providing the scope of publications and details to join them if you are interested.

Invitation: Join ILLUMINATION Gaming Publication as a Writer

Invitation to Write for ILLUMINATION on YouTube Publication

Writer applications can be sent via this weblink.

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If you have had similar experiences, please share.

I enjoy collaborating with writers and introducing them on YouTube. Here is a link to my collection: Meet Top Writers on YouTube. It includes introducing prolific writers of Illumination Integrated Publications on Medium in YouTube videos.

Connection with Writers and Readers on Medium

I write informative and inspiring articles in my field covering gaming, film-making, media, and design. You can subscribe to my account to get notifications when I post on Medium.

I also support Illumination Integrated Publications as a volunteer editor and participate in collaborative activities in the Slack Workspace.

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