I Finally Joined Vocal+ and Reaped Immediate Benefits.

Here is my first impression after posting several stories to Vocal and getting some perks.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Why I Joined Vocal Media

After reading an inspiring story posted by Dr Mehmet Yildiz in 2021, I decided to join Vocal Media as a writer. The story by Dr. Yildiz is titled “Vocal is not just for money.

This inspiring post resonated with me since my goal is not to earn money but to meet more readers, especially in technology and gaming communities which Vocal has both of them. These communities are called Gamers and 01.

I decided to join Vocal Media because of its communities, hoping I might meet like-minded writers and readers.

Any writer can simply submit their post to a relevant community of their choosing. Vocal editors publish stories quickly with no fuss as long as stories are within their guidelines and have at least 600 words.

As you can imagine, I frequently post in the gamer community as well as the tech and social media-related communities. Communities are similar to publications on Medium.

Additionally, after I started using Vocal, I discovered that, unlike Medium, writers can still make money from people who find your story on Google. It’s not much, but it can really add up eventually, I guess.

Writers also can get paid for reaching a particular milestone, such as 10, 50, or 100 posts written.

Immediate Perks for Me

I just recently wrote my 10th post and got paid $10.

I also received a $5 tip which nicely surprised me.

In addition, Vocal also gave me a $10 bonus for joining Vocal+, paying an annual fee. More importantly, they gave me a 10% discount for paying annually.

Even though I don’t have too many viewers on Vocal yet, I’m already making a small amount of money covering my membership cost. So it is almost like joining the platform for free.

Image screen capture from Vocal Media

Sharing stories on Social Media is also easy. They have a built-in link to both Twitter and Facebook.

My Writing Plan for Vocal and Medium

I like Vocal because, unlike Medium, it can be really easy to publish in a community that wants to read posts about what you’re writing about.

But on the other hand, your posts don’t get distributed as they do on Medium. You’ll have to promote your own posts on social media in order to get a decent amount of views.

Although Vocal does have a few upsides, I still prefer writing on Medium due to the ability to create your own publications, as well as the relationships and connections you make while participating in a publication.

I will continue to publish my posts on both Medium and Vocal Media for a while. Repurposing content between Vocal and Medium is my new strategy. Although I suspect I’ll still divert most of my attention to Medium publications for gaming, videos, and podcasts.

Even though my stories get many viewers from external sources on Medium, they get only a few views from internal readers. So the so-called distribution does not happen to my stories yet. I don’t know why.

I shared my thoughts in a recent article. Here is the link if you wish to read it.

I Became a Top Writer in 3 Topics But Haven’t Got Any Benefits Yet.
What else do we need to get internal views on Medium?medium.com

I would like to share my stories in case you might find some interesting ones. If you are a writer on Vocal Media, please feel free to leave your account address so that I can follow you and check out your stories. Finding writers on Vocal is not as easy as finding them on Medium.

Here’s my collection of stories on Vocal Media.

My Top Five Most Nostalgic Games
In this story, I’d like cover my most nostalgic games for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS. I’ve been playing computer…vocal.media

Let’s Talk About Music-Identifying Software
Have you ever heard a song somewhere but couldn’t figure out what it was called? Maybe you remember a certain lyric but…vocal.media

Netflix May Be Making Their First PC Game
Netflix may actually be planning on making a AAA PC game. Although we may not have much information as of yet, it’s…vocal.media

Is Elon Musk Actually About to Revive Vine?
I enjoy social media. Twitter is one of the tools I use a lot. A few days ago, Elon Musk posted a tweet with an…vocal.media

Check Out Samsung’s Newest One UI 5 Concept
I don’t know about you but my friends call me a gadget boy as I focus on technology devices too much. As a gamer I have…vocal.media

Sony Has Just Revealed Details on the PlayStation VR 2
Back in 2021, Sony announced the PlayStation VR 2, and now we finally have some extra details, thanks to a recent…vocal.media

An Insane Minecraft Redstone Creation
Before I get into what Sammyuri has done recently, let me introduce their incredible Minecraft Redstone project created…vocal.media

Minecraft 1.20 Was Just Announced By Mojang
At the recent 2022 Minecraft Live event, Mojang revealed a few details about the upcoming 1.20 update, along with its…vocal.media

Hero Balance Changes Coming to Overwatch 2 Earlier Than Expected
Previously, Blizzard announced that hero-based balance changes would be coming to Overwatch 2, but not until…vocal.media

Check Out This Potentially Superior Steam Deck and Quest Competitor
In a few of my previous posts, I have talked a lot about the Steam Deck and various Quest devices, such as the Quest 2…vocal.media

Here’s My Exploration into the MMORPG Genre.
Before 2020, I didn’t play an MMORPG. I know it may be surprising to my readers since I’ve been playing computer games…vocal.media

Let’s Talk About eSports Today.
I like eSports games as they are exciting. Watching them improves my mood and enhances my motivation. In addition…vocal.media

Here’s My Experience with Spider-Man Remastered.
If you’ve read my previous articles, you might have noticed I have talked a lot about the Spider-Man Remastered. I also…vocal.media

I hope we find ways to connect on Vocal too. I noticed that writers could share their story links on Illumination’s Slack workspace. The name of the channel is #vocal-writers-and-stories. I will check that channel frequently to find Vocal stories.

If you are new to Vocal Media and would like to join as a member, you might use my referral. It will not cost you extra similar to Medium membership.

Vocal is a platform for supporting, discovering and rewarding creators.vocal.media

I will share my experience with Vocal as I learn more.

On Medium, I recently posted my first curated collection for writers contributing to Illumination Gaming Publication. I hope you find some valuable pieces in this collection. I appreciate your support of these writers.

10 Inspiring Stories Published on Illumination Gaming Publication Recently
First curated collection for readers interested in gaming topics.medium.com

I also provided an update on my writing in October as I joined a writing challenge. If you are a writer, I encourage you to join writing challenges to produce more. Here’s the story with details if you are interested in the effects of writing challenges.

I Completed a Monthly Writing Challenge in October.
Quick updates on my stories, videos, and publications in Octobermedium.com

I Attempt to Solve a Problem of the New Writers with a Bit of Humor on YouTube and TikTok.

With that being said, thank you for reading my post, and have a good one.

If you enjoy my post, please consider following my profile since I plan to post about exciting gaming-related news and talk about technology, design, and social media in my stories.

If you are new to Medium, you can join by using my referral link. Promise, it won’t cost you extra. You can read my modest posts and the many beautiful stories of every other writer on this platform.

Join Medium with my referral link — Aiden (Illumination Gaming)
Read every story from Aiden (Illumination Gaming) (and thousands of other writers on Medium). Your membership fee…medium.com

This story includes my Vocal and Medium affiliate links.

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